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The In-Home Care Franchise Opportunity for You

Your Choice Senior Care

A trusted and efficient homecare franchise opportunity for sale.

A dedicated team of experts in the field of home care franchises. A franchise opportunity to resource your community.

Let’s learn more about the home care franchise industry and what differentiates Your Choice Senior Care from the competition.

I Want to Start a Home Care Franchise

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    Your Choice Senior Care

    An in-home care franchise business opportunity.

    The Your Choice Senior Care franchise model places the family first, demonstrates a passion for helping the communities it serves, and has the experience to back up our home care business.

    Here are some reasons why qualified franchise candidates should take a serious look at this home health care franchise opportunity.

    Proven Franchise technology

    Home care business operates on a standardized franchise technology platform.

    Accelerated business start-up

    We help you get started and get moving fast.

    Expanded Franchise Locations

    Territories offered are larger than normal franchise offerings.

    Increased Profitability 

    With our home care franchise business model, you can easily be profitable in the first year and beyond.

    Impeccable Franchise Training

    With a commitment to business success, owners get franchise training on how to not just start a business but run a business.


    Access to leadership, success aided by collaboration, commitment to communication.

    With a small footprint, low overhead and limited staffing needs to launch,

    Your Choice Senior Care is a simple home care franchise to run,

    inexpensive to scale and has a franchise business model built on relationships and a desire to serve a special segment of the population and their families.

    A Growing Home Care Franchise Segment

    With the American population segment over 65 years old continuing to grow, so too are the goods and demand for the home care franchises necessary to serve this special group of people within our communities.

    With growth comes business opportunities.


    About 10,000 people will turn 65 every day for the next 20 years! This increasing elderly population continues to necessitate more senior home healthcare franchises.


    When it comes to home care patients, 70 percent are over the age of 65


    More than 29 percent of the U.S. population, provide care for a chronically ill or disabled senior loved one each year


    Home health care is often less stressful and more convenient for seniors, and more affordable.


    In survey after survey an overwhelming percentage of seniors express a desire to remain in their homes as long as physically possible

    Your Choice Senior Care is a franchise system that feels like a family with a mission to serve our respective communities with compassion, expertise and heart.

    Our Competitive Advantage

    Your Choice Senior Care is set apart by company ownership’s devotion to the franchise training process.

    We don’t ask franchise owners to show up for a 3-day class led by someone who has never run a business, say “call us when you need us”, and send them on their way.

    Our company owners who have run successful businesses in this space for years go to
    franchise markets and teach new franchise owners, with real world, hands-on training.

    And, because this is a franchise business model that requires relatively little start-up overhead, we teach you how to achieve revenue quicker than other businesses in this segment, within territories that are larger than most.

    The Ideal Your Choice Senior Care Franchisee

    Your Choice Senior Care is seeking owner-operators who desired to run a profitable home care business while making a difference in their community.

    Attributes of an ideal home care franchisee for this in-home care franchise opportunity include:


    Compassionate and caring


    Hands-on business philosophy




    A great listener


    Enjoys building relationships


    Get our FREE in-home senior care industry outlook:

    Learn more about the home care industry and what differentiates Your Choice Senior Care from the competition.