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About Your Choice Senior Care Franchise

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    Your Choice Senior Care was established

    to provide the necessary services to help families get through the tough times.

    Your Choice Senior Care was founded in 2010 by Wendy and Joe Soles. After personal caregiving issues in their family arose, Wendy and Joe saw the need for a reliable and experienced caregiving service to fill the needs of families who were working with their families to take care and provide a safe environment for their loved ones.

    Since 2010, Your Choice Senior Care has remained true to its mission of being devoted and completely focused on delivering a premier non medical, in-home care service experience to its clients. Since December 2022 we have added 6 franchises in 4 states, and we’re poised for additional growth throughout the Southeast and other regions of the country.

    Meet the Your Choice Senior Care Team

    Joe Soles,


    Joe Soles has 13 years of experience in the senior care industry and founded Your Choice Senior Care in 2010 in Birmingham, AL. From overseeing the day-to-day operations of two locations to being responsible for the development and improvement of the overall Your Choice Senior Care franchising model, Joe has worked to lead Your Choice Senior Care into one of the fastest growing markets in the country.

    Joe began his professional career in the mass marketing media industry where he led his division to new heights. His experience and compassion allowed him to diversify his management skill and move into the senior-care industry after recognizing the incredible need for consistent and compassionate care. His own personal experience with a close relative needing care prompted the development of Your Choice Senior Care. Joe is a native of Georgia and graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Southern University and an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His unique perspective outside of the senior-care industry has allowed him to identify additional options for caring for our senior population.

    George Heinemann,


    George Heinemann has 5 years of experience in the senior care industry and purchased the original Your Choice Senior Care territory from founder and CEO Joe Soles in 2018. His move into the senior care industry was predicated by his entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to help families navigate the complicated nature of the healthcare industry focusing on enabling seniors to live at home where they feel most comfortable. Understanding the acute need for home-based services, and the growing market in the senior care industry, George and Joe decided to expand the reach of the brand by franchising the model Joe created in 2010.

    George started his professional career working in the print and digital advertising industry. Over the stretch of 18 years, he grew his knowledge base taking on greater responsibility and initiatives in manufacturing management, sales, customer service, sales support, collections and eventually directing a field service team that spanned across the USA. George’s transition into senior care was driven by his servant heart and desire to help families find solutions for their loved ones in a time of need. George is a native of Illinois and graduated with a B.S. in Corporate Communications from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from Florida Metropolitan University.

    Client Centered. Franchise Owner Centered.

    Your Choice Senior Care’s guiding philosophy is that our clients have earned the right to make choices for their care that will allow them to live at home comfortably and safely.
    Your Choice Senior Care is devoted and completely focused on delivering a premier in-home care service experience to our clients. We provide a client-centered approach, to enable seniors to lead dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes.
    Your Choice Senior Care structures its entire operations around our owners and a local hands-on approach to ensure the highest standards of care for our clients. We strive to be viewed as a trusted and devoted in-home care provider in all of the communities we serve.

    A Franchise that Brings Value to Our Communities

    A franchise system that feels like a family, serving our respective communities with compassion, expertise and heart.

    Your Choice Senior Care is the only caregiving service that offers new caregiver introductions in the client’s home.

    In addition to their caregiver, clients and their families have direct access to the local franchise owner.


    Local owners will be personally involved in the care plan development, placement of caregivers, service and satisfaction.

    Your Choice Senior Care works closely with clients and their families in the event of emergencies or changes in your situation.


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